Founded 1982 by Aerospatiale of France and Alenia of Italy to develop twin-turboprop regional transport aircraft. Initial ATR 42 42/48-seat airliner or freighter first flown August 1984, with production deliveries from 1989. Followed by larger ATR 72 for 66-74 passengers (first flown October 1988 and also delivered from 1989). Both also available in Maritime Patrol form. ATR 52C civil/military multipurpose transport still to fly at time of writing, as shorter derivative of ATR 72 with rear loading ramp for easy access to hold for bulk freight or vehicles. Consideration being given to development of twin-turbofan regional airliners, initially as 70-passenger Airjet 70, with follow-up 58-passenger Airjet 58 and possibly 84-passenger Airjet 84.

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