Incorporated December 1927, taking over from original Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of America. Aircraft produced included CH.300 six-seat Iightpiane, Pacemaker six-seater of 1929 and flown 1931 on an 84-hour 33-minute world non-refueled endurance record, Skyrocket
Bellanca WB-2 ''Columbia''
WB-2 "Columbia"
development of 1930, Airbus 14-passenger commercial transport that was developed into Aircruiser of early 1930s for commercial and military use, Bellanca bomber of 1933 that was basically a twin-engined Aircruiser, 28-90 two-seater and others for air racing, 14-13-3 Cruisair four-seater first flown November 1945, and 14-19 Cruisemaster development, among many others. Assets acquired by Northern Aircraft 1955 and Bellanca name finally dropped 1959 after merger with non-aviation companies.

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WB-2 "Columbia"