Second use of name, though this company originally known as International Aircraft Manufacturing Inc, becoming first Bellanca Sales Company (a subsidiary of Miller Flying Service) to manufacture and market versions of the Bellanca Model 14 four-seat light business aircraft designed by G. M. Bellanca. Three versions, known as Bellanca Viking series, became available. Acquired assets of Champion Aircraft Corporation 1970 and changed name to Bellanca Aircraft Corporation, thereafter building and marketing Citabria, Decathlon, and Scout two-seaters produced formerly by Champion Aircraft. Became subsidiary of Anderson, Greenwood and Company, and thereby also became responsible for developing the Aries T-250 fiveseat cabin Iightpiane (had first flown 1973). Also, in 1979, became responsible for producing Eagle Aircraft Company's agricultural aircraft. Bellanca went into liquidation 1981 and Viking assets bought by Viking Aviation 1982. See also Champion Aircraft Company Inc.

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