Construcciones Aeronauticas SA formed 3 March 1923, with factory at Getafe, to produce all-metal aircraft for Spanish Air Force. Began by license-building Breguet XIX reconnaissance-bomber biplanes, followed by other aircraft of foreign design including Dornier Wai flying-boats (at Cadiz), Vickers Vildebeest torpedo-bombers, Gotha Go 145C biplane trainers, Junkers Ju 52/3m transports, Bucker Bu 131, and 133 aerobatic trainers and Heinkel He 111 medium bombers. Opened design department after Second World War; first series product was Dornier Do 27 general-purpose lightplane, followed by CASA-201 Alcotan, CASA-202 Halcon and CASA-207 Alcotan twin-engined transports of own design. Completed
CASA C-207 ''Azor''
C-207 "Azor"
70 Northrop F-5 fighters under license for Spanish Air Force. In 1972 took over Hispano Aviacion, followed by the ENMASA aero- engine concern in June 1973. Currently has three divisions, namely Aircraft, Maintenance, and Space: Aircraft division activities include design of aircraft and integrated structures; share in international Airbus, Eurofighter, and FLA programs; manufacture of structural parts and components for Boeing, Eurocopter, Northrop Grumman, and Saab aircraft; continuing development and production of C-101 Aviojet advanced and lead-in jet trainer/light attack aircraft (first flown June 1977), C-212 Aviocar (first flown March, and currently offered in Series 400 form as first flown April 1997) in transport and maritime versions, and development of the new ATX family of advanced trainers and light combat aircraft; and production of CN 235 via international Airtech company (q.v.).

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C-207 "Azor"
C-212 "Aviocar"
C-101 "Aviojet"