Established in 1921 in ex-Fokker factory at Travemunde to continue business of Hanseatische Flugzeugwerke Karl Caspar AG. of Hamburg. Started with manufacture of seaplanes, including S.1 twin-float monoplane and Heinkel-designed LJ.1 and U.2, 1922 prototypes for detachable-wing biplanes to be carried by submarines. A four-seat open-cockpit light transport was followed by the CLE.11 in 1923, a two-seat high-wing cabin monoplane. In 1925 came the CT-1 -5 series of light aircraft designed by Karl Theiss, and CLE.12 eight-seat single-engined transport. Lightplane designs C.17, 23, 24, and 26 followed; then in 1926 the C.27 seaplane training biplane; C.30 reconnaissance aircraft; C.32 agricultural biplane (one of the world's first) with payload of 1,984 Ib (900 kg); the C.35 Priwall eight-passenger biplane of 1927 (also used by Deutsche Luft Hansa as freighter); and the C.36 reconnaissance aircraft. Lack of orders for these types caused the factory to close in 1928.

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