Established New York 1943 by Michael Stroukoff to develop experimental assault/cargo gliders. Produced XCG-14, XCG-14A and CG-18A. Moved to Trenton, New Jersey, late 1946, developing a powered version, 30-troop YC- 122 Avitruc, first flown November 18,1948. Twelve built for USAF trials ,but no further production. Followed by larger C-123 Avitruc, first flown 14 October 1949, derived from XG-20 cargo glider; this project later taken over by Fairchild as C-123B and renamed Provider. An XC-123A prototype (four General Electric turbojets) flew on April 21,1951: first flight of a U.S. transport powered by jet engines. Chase became wholly owned subsidiary of Willys Motors Inc. of Toledo, Ohio, in 1953, itself owned by Kaiser- Fraser. In June 1953 a USAF contract for 300 C- 123Bs was canceled, a smaller contract going to Fairchild that autumn. See also Stroukoff Aircraft Corporation.

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