A1928 graduate of Leningrad Institute of Transport Engineering, I. V. Chetverikov worked briefly with D. P. Grigorovich before joining the Tsentralnoe Konstruktorskoe Byuro (Central Design Bureau; TsKB). From 1931 -1933 was in charge of seaplane development section; responsible for designing MDR-3 reconnaissance flying-boat, OSGA-101 light amphibian, and related SPL submarine-borne small floatplane. His ARK-3 flying-boat was a failure, but the three-seat MDR-6 (or Che-2) of 1937 was produced for Soviet Naval Aviation, 50 being built at Taganrog between 1939 and German invasion of Crimea in 1941. Development, but no further production, of MDR- 6 continued during Second World War; after completion in 1947 of three prototypes of the eight-passenger TA-1 flying-boat, this bureau was closed down in 1948 and Chetverikov became a lecturer.

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