Based originally at Heston, Middlesex, in 1936, building joint designs of R. C Christophorides and B. V. Leak. In 1938 one L.C.1 Airguard was built, a two-seat, low-wing cabin monoplane for Civil Air Guard. Company transferred to Kentish Town shortly before Second World War, undertaking subcontract work for aircraft industry. Moved again in 1947 to Exeter Airport, where during 1948-1950 a series of four-seat lightplanes were constructed: Series 1 CH.3 Ace, Series 2 CH.3 Super Ace, and Series 4 CH.3 Skyjeep. The first of these high-wing cabin monoplanes was flown in August 1946, but high operating costs and unacceptable control system affected sales of the Ace and Super Ace; more conventional system used on 1949 Skyjeep. Total production (all three types) about 26 aircraft. In 1952 assets acquired by C. E. Harper Aircraft Ltd and all surviving models were scrapped.

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