Costruzioni Meccaniche Aeronautiche SA; previously SA Industrie Aeromarittime Gallinari; established 1922 at Marina di Pisa as Societa di Costruzioni di Pisa to license-build Dornier Wal flying-boats. Title CMASA adopted in 1930; became subsidiary of Fiat same year. Production included G.8 two-seat aerobatic training/ touring biplane (1934); M.F.4 radial-engined flying-boat (1933); M.F.5 (development of Wal); M.F.6 two-seat fighter/reconnaissance floatplane; M.F.10 two-seat fighter/reconnaissance shipborne flying-boat (1935); BGA twin-engined floatplane/bomber (1936); and twin-engined, twin-float R.S.14 reconnaissance seaplane. The latter was the most successful, serving throughout Second World War. Assisted also in production of Fiat fighters in late 1930s/early 1940s. Activities suspended on Italian Armistice (September 1943). The C.S. high-speed monoplane and J.S.54 six-engined civil flying-boat were then under development, but never produced.

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