Formed in Kansas City October 1942, after the acquisition of Rearwin Aircraft & Engines Inc. by New York interests. In 1943 it received substantial orders for Waco CG-3A and -4A troop-carrying gliders for the USAAF. It obtained manufacturing rights in 1945 for the Trimmer three-seat twin-engined light amphibian (prototype only), formerly built by Allied Aviation. In 1946 Commonwealth Aircraft Inc. began producing Model 185, a development of the prewar Rearwin Model 175. Early that year the company took over the Columbia Aircraft Corporation, all manufacturing being transferred to the letter's Valley Stream factory. In March 1946 it acquired a nonaircraft company at Port Washington as a manufacturing base for the Trimmer, which did not go into series production. The Skyranger model was built in small numbers in 1946-1948.

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