The company was formed at Hooton Park, Cheshire, on March 14,1929 by Fit. Lt. Nicholas Comper and others. Formerly with Airco, Comper had also been responsible for the Cranwell Light Aeroplane Club series of amateurbuilt lightplanes, the C.L.A. 2,3, and 4A. The company's first product was the C.L.A. 7 Swift, a single-seat high-wing sporting aircraft, which was first flown in spring 1930 and built between 1930 and 1934 (one was owned by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII). The company moved to Heston, Middlesex, in 1933; the one-off three-seat Mouse and single-seat Streak monoplanes were built in that year, followed by a single Kite two-seat tourer developed from the Streak. In 1934 the company closed, to reregister as Heston Aircraft Company.

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