Formed 1968-1969 by Jack M. Conroy at Santa Barbara airport, California, offering aircraft and services for the petroleum and other "bulk" cargo industries. First ventures included turboprop conversions of Douglas DC-3 (Conroy Turbo Three) and Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar. Conroy developed original Guppy series of giant transports (see Aero Spacelines); also converted Canadair CL-44D- 4 swing-tailed, long-range freighter as Conroy CL-44-0, with enlarged-diameter fuselage (flown November 1969); and Stolifter (flown 1969) single-turboprop conversion of Cessna Super Skymaster, with upward-opening aft fuselage. Turboprop conversion of Grumman Albatross amphibian flown February 1970; company ceased trading shortly afterwards.

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