Formed at Columbus, Ohio, in 1939 by K. K. Culver. Took over manufacturing and sales rights of Dart Model G two-seat low-wing cabin monoplane from Dart Manufacturing Corporation same year. First own product, the Cadet, was a two-seat light cabin monoplane (Continental flatfour engine). In 1940-1941 developed two-seat Models LFA and LCA tourer, based on the Cadet, but with retractable landing-gear. Production ceased when America entered Second World War, company then doing subcontract work for U.S. aircraft industry. Moved to Wichita, Kansas, 1941, and concentrated entirely on producing radio-controlled pilotless aircraft based on LFA (nearly 2,400 produced) for use as PQ-8/TDC and PQ-14/TD2C gunnery target drones with USAAF and USN. When this ended in 1946, Culver began developing the Model V civil lightplane, first flown September 1945. Four built as drones designated XPQ-15. Company went bankrupt in late 1946; remaining assets acquired mid-1956 by Superior Aircraft Company.

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