Company founded 1938 at Southampton Municipal Airport, Eastleigh, Hampshire, to build "flying wing" (lifting fuselage) aircraft based on Burnelli concept. First product was improved version of Burnelli UB-14 known as O.A.1 (two crew, 15 passengers). Second version (three crew, 20 passengers) designed as O.A.2, but not produced owing to outbreak of war. France acquired O.A.1 and used it in Africa during the war. Extensive subcontract work for Air Ministry undertaken, mostly "anglicizing" U.S. Consolidated Vultee, Lockheed, and Martin Lend-Lease aircraft for RAF. Late 1945 converted a number of Lancaster B.lll bombers for air/sea rescue. In 1946 began design of airliner, the Concordia 10-seat passenger transport, first flown May 1947. Prototype and one other built, but work suspended November 1947 owing to insufficient orders. Also built that year the prototype W.10 helicopter for Cierva; this project shelved too, and shortly afterwards company abandoned its aviation interests.

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