Direccion Nacional de Fabricaciones e Investigaciones Aeronauticas originally founded in 1927 as the Fabrica Militar de Aviones (FMA) (q.v.) for aeronautical research and production. Became Institute Aerotecnico in 1943, Industrias Aeronauticas y Mecanicas in 1953. Nationalized 1957, with aircraft works at the Fabrica Militar de Aviones at Cordoba, under DINFIA name. Began with design and construction of IA 46 light aircraft, twin-engined transports IA 35, IA 45, the IA 38 four-engined tailless transport designed by Dr. Reimar Horten, and the IA 37, a small delta-wing aircraft. In 1966 began license construction of Cessna 182 and indigenous light turboprop and piston-engined transports. Reverted to name FMA in 1968, becoming part of Area de Materiel Cordoba division of the Argentine Air Force.

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