Formed at Thun early in First World War. Made aircraft to designs of A. Haefeli, who was earlier with Farman and Ago. First was DH-1 pusher (six built in 1916) showing Ago influence; DH-2 was tractor which went into production as developed DH-3 (110 of these two-seaters built). DH-4 was fighter prototype of 1918; DH-5 (1919; 60 built) a DH-3 replacement; DH-5A a higher-powered version of 1928, with steel-tube fuselage (22 built). To a government specification of 1934 it built the C-35 multipurpose two-seat biplane as a replacement for the Fokker C.V-E, which it resembled, and which the company had produced jointly with Dornier since 1932. C-35 first flown in 1935; 80 delivered from 1937. (See also previous entry.)

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