EuroFighter formed 1986 as collaboration between four nations to develop a new Mach 2 air-superiority fighter with attack and reconnaissance capabilities, known simply as Eurofighter (named Typhoon by RAF). Present shareholding DaimlerChrysler of Germany (33 percent), Alenia of Italy (21 percent), CASA of Spain (13 percent) and British Aerospace (33 percent). Powered by two Eurojet EJ200 afterburning turbofans with fully variable nozzles, has been designed for supersonic, beyond-visual-range air defense, offering also high performance and agility in subsonic close air combat. Has fly-by-wire control system and low radar cross section. First flown March 1994, and well over 700 test flights achieved by seven development aircraft by mid- 1998. RAF expected to receive at least 232 from year 2002, Germany 140 air defense and 40 multirole from 2003, Italy 130 from 2002 and Spain 87 from 2003; interest from several other nations.

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