Formed 1929 with premises at Lonqueil, Quebec, parent company having withdrawn manufacturing license from Canadian Vickers. Built 21 Model 71 seven-seaters 1930-1935, Super 71 with metal monocoque fuselage in 1934; two Super 71P photographic aircraft for RCAF in 1936; 24 Model 82s produced 1935-1938. One Model 34-42 Niska and two Model 45-80 Sikanis, first flown 1937. Wartime production of Bristol Bolingbroke for RCAF; 300 Curtiss Helldivers for U.S. Navy 1943-1945. All-metal F-11 Husky built 1946-1948. Aircraft production stopped 1948; Husky design sold to HuskyAircraft Ltd. in 1955.

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