On November 9,1907 Henri Farman, in aVoisin biplane, made the first powered flight in Europe to last over a minute. At a 1909 Reims meeting he flew his own Farman III, the first aircraft with effective ailerons. Brother Maurice was also a designer; the two formed Avions Henri et Maurice
Farman M.F.7 Longhorn
Farman at Billancourt, eventually nationalized in 1937, becoming part of SNCAC.

Maurice Farman designed the MF-7 Longhorn (1913) and MF-11 Shorthorn (1914), both used as trainer and observation aircraft by the Allied forces. Farman F.20 and F.40 developed, the latter with streamlined two-seat nacelle and powered by 135hp Renault engine. Farman F.50 night bomber followed; four-engined F.140 night bomber introduced 1925, replaced by F.221 and F.222 in 1937, the latter used subsequently
Farman F.220-224
by Vichy air force after June 1940 as a transport. Civil airliners included the F.60 Goliath. Twin-engined F.180 biplane, F.190 single-engined monoplane introduced 1928, three-engined F.300 in 1930.

After nationalization, in 1939 the Farman brothers acquired the license to manufacture the Stampe SV.4 trainer biplane. Although SNCAC was assigned manufacturing rights postwar, Farman retained license and with Jean Stampe the Societe Anonyme des Usines Farman developed Monitor I monoplane powered by 140 hp Renault engine. Variants included the II, lll.and IV, the latter being taken over by Stampe et Renard, Brussels.

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