Nikolai llych Kamov studied design of autogyros and helicopters from 1929. He gained distinction for lightweight single-seat helicopters after Second World War, including Ka-8 of 1947. Design bureau formed 1948, followed by single-seat Ka-10 of 1950 appearance as piston-engined helicopter for shipbome observation duties, with two contrarotating rotors and therefore no anti-torque tail rotor; these rotor design features were to be found in most subsequent Kamov helicopters. Ka-15 two-seater of 1950s used for agricultual work in addition to naval anti-submarine and other roles, and Ka-18 four-seat development flown 1957 and widely operated on varied civil tasks. Ka- 22 Vintokryl was very large twin-turboprop convertiplane, first seen in 1961; established many world records. Very important twin-turboshaft powered Ka-25 first flown April 1961 and deployed by Soviet Navy as shipborne anti-submarine- warfare helicopter, also for target acquisition, joining Navy from 1972 and manufactured up to 1977.

Much more capable Ka-27 first flown August 1973 and joined Soviet Navy from 1981, with Ka-28 as export version; related Ka-29 first flown July 1976 as shipborne assault and transport variant plus Ka-33 export model without weapons, Ka-31 flown October 1987 as shipborne AEW&C variant, and Ka-32 first flown October 1980 as civil model for transport, flying-crane, rescue, offshore support, patrol, firefighting and other uses, with Ka-327 as maritime patrol version of Ka-32. Piston-engined civil Ka-26 first flew 1965 (some military use), with modern Ka-126 (first flown October 1987) and Ka-128 turboshaft developments, all having pod-and-boom fuselages to allow attachment of modules aft of cockpit for various cargoes (from passenger carrying to agricultural equipment) or left open for flying-crane duties; new twin-turbine development is Ka-226 (first flown September 1997). Ka-50 first flown June 1982 as important single-seat combat helicopter, with Ka-50N Black Shark night-attack version flying March 1997, while side-by-side two-seat derivative became Ka-50 Alligator (first flown June 1997). New military multipurpose twin-turboshaft helicopter is Ka-60 for 10 equipped troops (rolled out July 1998), with 16-passenger civil version as Ka-62. Light single-turboshaft Ka- 115 to fly 1999, carrying pilot and up to four passengers. In 1996, Kamov became a member of MIG MAPO-M.

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