In July 1924 A Kawanishi biplane seaplane made a round- Japan flight in nine days. Company formed as above in November 1928, taking over factory and windtunnel (at Kobe) of Kawanishi Machine Works. Held Short Bros license and was Rolls-Royce agent. At the time of formation was supplying aircraft, components, and accessories to Japanese Navy. Early types included a single-seat biplane
Kawanishi N1K ''Kyofu'' / ''Rex''
N1K "Kyofu"
fighter and a two-seat long-range high-wing monoplane. At the end of 1930 moved to new works at Narao. In February 1933 flew new three-seat reconnaissance floatplane (E7K) adopted by Japanese Naval Service. Short and Rolls-Royce connections manifested in Navy type 90-2 (K.F.1) flyingboat, built in England, assembled in Japan. Built from 1936 a highly successful long-range maritime reconnaissance/ bomber/transport flying-boat, the strut-braced H6K. Subsequent H8K had deep hull and cantilever wing. N1K single-seat fighter monoplane of 1942 originated as floatplane but was developed into outstanding landplane. Projects included suicide aircraft based on German V-1. In 1949 the company re-emerged as ShinMaywa.

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E15K "Shiun"
N1K-J "Shiden"
N1K "Kyofu"