Avions Kellner-Bechereau was founded at Billancourt in 1933. Kellner had built car bodies; also SPAD fighters under contract from 1916. Bechereau was experienced in aircraft design (Deperdussin and SPAD types) and had patented new kinds of wooden construction, using molds. During the 1930s the company made 60 fuselages for recently-ordered SPAD 510 fighter biplanes, using Bechereau system. Built monoplane with Delage inverted engine for Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe. In 1936 built a single-seat lightplane using Bechereau-patented "double wing" (divided laterally, with rear parts hinged differentially to act as slotted flaps or ailerons), and in 1937 two side-by-side-seater developments were built, one of metal and one of wood. With low-powered Train engine, aircraft of this type (E-1 single-seater) established class records. Company's aeronautical activities ceased in 1941.

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