Koolhoven (1886-1945) designed, built and flew his first aircraft in 1910, but was later well known in the U.K. for his Deperdussin, Armstrong Whitworth and BAT associations. After the Armistice he returned to the Netherlands, and for the NV Nationale Vliegtuigindustrie designed the F.K.31 two-seat fighter-reconnaissance monoplane (1922). In 1926 he became a consultant engineer at The Hague; then designed several aircraft, including the F.K.41 threeseat cabin monoplane. In 1934 the NV Koolhoven Vlietuigen was formed, by which time it was claimed that 51 F.K. types had been produced. More followed, including the F.K.52, an outstanding two-seat fighter biplane with cantilever undercarriage, and the F.K.58 single-seat fighter monoplane, ordered in quantity by France.

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