Formed from the 1917 Chance Vought Aircraft Company Inc. by merging with Ling-Temco Electronics in 1961, with a new Chance Vought Corporation as its aerospace division. First aircraft was a continuation and development of the F-8 Crusader supersonic carrierbome air-superiority fighter of 1955. Developed into the LTV A-7A in 1966. Rationalization in 1963 produced LTV Incorporated, which includes LTV Aerospace Corporation, of which Vought Aeronautics Division is a part. Corsair II production under the name of the Vought Corporation. In 1964 in combination with Hiller-Ryan developed the XC-142A VTOL transport with swivelling wings. LTV Electro-systems developed the L450F quiet reconnaissance aircraft in 1970. Became Vought Corporation 1976, LTV Aircraft Products Group 1986 and LTV Aerospace and Defense Company 1990. Undertook considerable subcontract work, including on B-2 and many transport aircraft. Teamed with Argentina to propose Pampa 2000 for JPATS program, but not selected. Took name Vought once again in 1992.

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