Maule Aircraft Corporation formed by B. D. Maule at Jackson, Michigan, to manufacture M-4 four-seat light aircraft; production transferred to Moultrie, Georgia, September 1968. Prototype flownSeptember 8,1961, produced as M-4 with 145 hp Continental engine, as M-4 Rocket with 210 hp Continental. M-4 Strata-Rocket with Franklin engine led to M-5-220C Lunar Rocket, flown 1 November 1971, while M-4 Rocket became M-5-210C; M-5- 235 with 235 hp Lycoming 0-540 engine also built. Current name Maule Air Inc., offering large range of four- and five-seat lightplanes for recreational and business uses in the M-7, MT-7 and MXT-7 series. Over 2,000 Maule aircraft built since 1961.

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