Created 1976 to develop the Buran, Russia's first reusable spacecraft. With less work on Buran in later years, began developing civil aircraft. First to fly was six-seat Molniya- 1 general-purpose transport with twin booms and pusher engine (first flown December 1992); Allison turboproppowered version proposed as Molniya-3. Projects include twin-engined Aist general-purpose transport in six- and nine-seat versions; Lagoda 10-seat amphibian; Molniya-100 19-passenger transport; Molniya-300 6/15-passenger high-performance business/commuter transport; Molniya-400 combi transport or freighter with twin turbofans, in combi configuration carrying 250 passengers on upper deck and freight containers on lower deck; Molniya- 1000 Heracles twin-fuselage super-heavy freighter with a 450-tonne payload (or possible 1,200-seat passenger capsule) and 6-10 engines; and Vityaz smaller variant of Heracles.

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