Mooney Aircraft formed July 1946 at Wichita, Kansas, and merged with Alon Inc. October 1967. Became Aerostar Aircraft Corporation on July 1,1970, renamed Mooney Aircraft Corporation October 1973. Developed M-18 Mite single-seat light aircraft with Crosley engine; became M-18 Wee Scotsman with Lycoming engine. M-20 four-seat version first flown August 10,1953 with Lycoming O-320 engine, superseded by O-360-Apowered M-20A and by all-metal M-20C Mark 21 in 1961. Square windows introduced 1967 for O-360-AID-powered Ranger and Executive, and M20J or Model 201, both of which had Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D engines. Mooney's 10,000th aircraft built 1994. Four-seat Allegro (former M20J) production ended 1998, and Encore (M20K) now only built in batch orders. Bravo (M20M) four-seater has turbocharged TI0-540-AF1A and was previously known asTLS (first appeared 1989), while Ovation (M20R) first flew May 1994 and hasTeledyne Continental I0-550-G5B engine.

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