In 1949 Zlinska Letecka Akciova Spolenost (see Zlin) changed its name to Moravan Narodni Podnik, although its products retained the Zlin title. The current name for the company is Moravan Inc. The Zlin 26 all-wood two-seat tandem trainer was superseded by the metal Zlin 126 Trener, which went into production in 1953. The basic design was developed subsequently through Z 226, Z 326, Z 526, and Z 726 models in both Trener (two-seat) and Akrobat (single-seat competition aircraft) variants with retractable landing gear and a variety of engines. As one of the world's foremost aerobatic aircraft, the Zlin was also widely exported outside the Eastern bloc. Production thereafter included Zlin 42 M two-seat light training and touring aircraft, Z 50 L and later Z 50 LS aerobatic aircraft (first flown 1975 in original Z 50 L version) and Z 726 trainer. An agricultural and firefighting monoplane was the Z137 T (first flown 1981). Currently produced are the Z 142 two-seat basic and advanced civil/military pistonengined trainer (first flown December 1978), Z 242 variant of Z142 with a U.S. Textron Lycoming engine in place of the L0M Prague type, and Z143 L four-seat lightplane with Textron Lycoming engine (first flown April 1992).

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