Nord-Aviation produced a version of the Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun, known as the Nord 1002 Pingouin, for the French military service immediately after the Second World War. A tricycle landing gear variant, the Nord 1101 Noralpha, and a redesigned'civilian four-seat derivative, the Nord 1203 Norecrin, were
Nord 2500 Noratlas
also produced in quantity, together with Nord NC-853/856 Norvigie liaison/trainer aircraft delivered to the French army and to aero clubs in the mid-1950s. A batch of N.1402 Noroit twin-engined amphibians were built for the French navy; and the N.2501 Noratlas twin-boom, twin-engined transport, first flown 1952, was subsequently produced in France and Germany. Nord took over the Max Holste Super Broussard twin-engined transport design and developed it as the Nord 262 airliner, delivered to European and U.S. airlines and to the French navy by Aerospatiale.

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