Formed 1957 by the Polish Minister of Heavy Industry, to take over all design activities formerly conducted by the Polish Aviation Institute. First design was the MD-12 four-engined feederliner/photo-survey aircraft, which flew in 1962. A developed version of Russian Yak-12, known as the PZL-101 Gawron (Rook), has been produced in quantity for agricultural and air-ambulance duties. Now superseded by the PZL-104 Wilga (Thrush), which is offered for agricultural, air-ambulance, transport, glider-tug and parachute roles, and has been widely exported. License production is under way in Indonesia. Deliveries of the TS-11 Iskra (Spark) two-seat aerobatic jet trainer to the Polish Air Force began in 1963. (See also Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze.)

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