Formed in 1936, incorporating factories of Marcel
Sud-Ouest SO 4050 ''Vautour''
SO 4050 "Vautour"
Bloch, Bleriot and Liore et Olivier, subsequently merging with SNCASO and changing name to Ouest Aviation in 1956. Original designs included S.O.94R twin-engined trainer; S.O.95 Corse, and
Sud-Ouest SO.1221 ''Jinn''
Sud-Ouest SO.1221 "Jinn"
S.O.30 Bretagne military transports; S.O.4050 Vautour twin-jet bomber; and the S.O.9000 Trident. The S.O.1221 Djinn two-seat helicopter was produced, and Vertol H-21 helicopters were manufactured under license for the French Army. Ouest became part of Aerospatiale.

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