Markets plans and some components to construct a wide range of light aircraft, including P.50 Bouvreuil single-seat monoplane (first flown 1979), P.60 Minacro single-seat aerobatic biplane, P.70S single-seat monoplane, P.80S single-seat monoplane, P.100TS two/three-seat monoplane (first flown 1980), P.110TS three-seat monoplane, P.170S tandem two-seat monoplane, P.180S side-by-side two-seat monoplane, P.190S Castor side-by-side two-seat monoplane as wooden version of metal P.180S, P.210S Coati single-seat monoplane, P.220S Koala side-by-side two-seat version of Coati, P.230S Panda three-seat monoplane, P.240S Saiga four-seat version of Panda, and P.300 Ara three-seat monoplane (kits anticipated).

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