One of three separate PZL organizations, currently undertaking helicopter production and development. Origins in 1951, manufacturing components for LiM-1 fighters (Polish version of MiG-15). First helicopter production was SM-1 (Mil Mi-1), of which huge numbers were completed, followed by SM-2. Mil Mi-2 was first flown in Soviet Union in September 1961 as twin-turboshaft helicopter, but all production transferred to Poland in 1964, allowing first Polish-built Mi-2 to fly in November 1965; production lasted until 1996, after 5,450 had been built in a large number of variants for civil and military roles. Kania first flown June 1979 as modernized development of Mi-2 using U.S. Allison turboshaft engines and AlliedSignal Bendix/King avionics, but only some 13 built to date. W- 3 Sokol first flown November 1979 as 12-passenger civil/military intermediate multipurpose helicopter with twin turboshafts, of which well over 100 built to date and some exported; many variants, Polish armed forces versions including W-3RM Anakonda for air/sea rescue, and W-3W Sokol and similar W-3WA each with 23 mm cannon and outriggers for missiles, rockets and other weapons; SW- 5 is anticipated development of W-3 using French avionics. S-1W Huzar antiarmor and attack helicopter expected to fly 1999 and be built for the Polish armed forces; based on W-3 design. Four/five-seat SW-4 light utility single-turboshaft helicopter first flew October 1996.

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