Current name for the original 1928 factory. In 1995 became a stock company owned by the Polish Ministry of Industry and Trade. Most activities centre on agricultural aircraft and lightplanes, but production includes the PZL- 130 Orlik aerobatic trainer which first flew in October 1984 and is used by the Polish Air Force. Short take-off PZL- 104 Wilga (first flown 1962) remains in production in several versions, including the Wilga 35, Wilga 80, and latest and refined PZL-104M Wilga 2000 with modified wings, new fuel tanks, increased take-off weight, U.S. avionics and, as for Wilga 80-550, a U.S. instead of Polish engine. PZL-105L Flaming first flew in 1989 as a Wilga replacement with a larger cabin and other improvements, but development has been halted at present in favor of Wilga 2000. PZL-106 Kruk agricultural aircraft first flew in 1973, with the current PZL-106BTTurbo-Kruk appearing in 1985. A new agricultural aircraft and waterbomber, the PZL-240 Pelikan biplane, is being developed. Also produces the PZL-110 (first flown 1978) and PZL-111 Koliber lightplanes originally based on the Socata Rallye, and has most recently developed the PZL-112 Koliber Junior side-byside two-seat trainer (first flight expected 1999).

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