Formed in 1957 as Centre Est Aeronautique to produce light aircraft; name changed to Avions Pierre Robin in 1969 and currently known simply as Avions Robin. Pierre Robin founded company in collaboration with Jean Delemontez, the engineer responsible for the Jodel series of light aircraft. First Centre Est type was the DR.100 three-seater, and the basic design was constantly refined through a number of variants. Current aircraft from Avions Robin are Robin 200 two-seat lightplane and trainer (first flown 1971); DR 400 (first flown May 1972) that was offered in two-seat and 112 hp DR 400/100 Cadet form during 1980s but now only in 118 hp DR 400/120 Dauphin 2+2 two-plus-two seating form, 160 hp DR 400/140 B Dauphin 4 four-seat form, 160 hp DR 400/160 Major four-seat form with extra fuel capacity and increased wing area, 180 hp DR 400/180 Regent four-seat form, 180 hp 400/180 R Remo 180 four-seat form for glider towing and with reduced fuel, 200 hp DR 400/200 R Remo 200 fourseat form for glider towing, and latest 200 hp DR 400/200i President four/five-seat form with larger fuselage to offer increased cabin space; Robin 2160 two-seat aerobatic lightplane (certificated 1978); and Robin 3000 four-seat lightplane with T-tail (first flown 1988 in current 3000/160 form). Robin 1180 Aiglon had first flown in 1976 as metal four-seater, but expected production of improved Aiglon II had not taken place at time of writing.

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