In 1945 U.K. company A. V. Roe acquired Victory Aircraft Ltd factory at Toronto/Malton Airport, where Lancasters, Lincolns, Ansons and a York were built during Second World War. New company named Avro Canada, and it produced the first Canadian-designed jet fighter, the twin-engined CF-100. Prototype flew in 1950; 639 were built for the RCAF and 53 for the Belgian Air Force. Flew prototype C-102 Jetliner in 1949, but no production order was received. Avro Canada became a member of the Hawker Siddeley Group in 1955, and in 1962 became Hawker Siddeley Canada Ltd. CF-105 Arrow delta twin-jet all-weather fighter prototype flew in 1958. Only five CF-105s were built before the project was cancelled in favour of Bomarc surface-to-air missiles. An interesting project was the Avrocar VTOL aircraft developed under a U.S. Department of Defense contract and flown in 1959 in California. In its prototype form it was circular: a flying saucer!

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