Austrian Josef Sablatnig experimented and flew before First World War. Moved to Germany and in 1913 became a director of Union Flugzeugwerke GmbH, where he did technical work and flying. When Union company went into liquidation (1915) founded above-named company in Berlin, famous for seaplanes used by German Navy but built other types also. SF1 floatplane (1915) developed into very successful SF2 (license-built by LFG and LVG); SF4 was single-seat fighter floatplane, built both as biplane and triplane; SF5 was widely used SF2 replacement; SF8 was last Sablatnig floatplane built in numbers (trainer of 1918). Landplanes included trainers, singleengined night bombers, and a monoplane. N1 was two-seat land fighter used at Kiel. After war developed civil types, including P1 four-passenger biplane and P3 sixpassenger high-wing monoplane. One light sports type built, but aircraft work ceased 1921.

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