Based at Cowes, Isle of Wight. Originally built boats, and later hulls for fast motor boats and some of earliest flying-boats (e.g. Sopwith Bat Boat). Especially famous for "Consuta" copper-sewn plywood construction. In 1913 received order for B.E. biplanes. During First World War built under subcontract Avro 504 landplanes, Short 184 floatplanes and Norman Thompson and Felixstowe F.2A and F.5 flying-boats. Began own design, first of which was T.1 two-seater (1917) with detachable wings for ship-board stowage. Aircraft built postwar included the Kittiwake seven-passenger twin-engined wooden amphibian of 1920 with camber-changing gear on wing leading and trailing edges; Medina ten-passenger twin-engined wooden flying-boat of 1926; and Valkyrie three-engined military flying-boat of 1927 with developed form of Linton-Hope hull.

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