Founded 1980 by Burt Rutan as a research and development company, offering its services to those requiring specialist help in developing advanced aircraft projects. Undertook work on the NASAAD-1 oblique-wing research aircraft, a subscale demonstrator of the Fairchild NGT trainer (flown September 1981), a subscale demonstrator of the Beech Starship 1 business aircraft (at which time company bought by Beech, 1985, but sold back 1988), plus several other uniquely configured aircraft that included the Rutan 151 ARES agile response effective support combat jet (first flown February 1990). Latest aircraft is Proteus multipurpose, high-altitude and long-duration sensor platform, first flown as a proof-of-concept prototype in July 1998 and featuring rear-mounted main wings, large-span canards, twin tail booms, and a slender fuselage. Initial application is to be for Angel Technologies Corporation, which requires many for communications relay use.

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