In 1909 the first Russian aeronautical company, named Pervoye Rossiiskoye Tovarishchestvo Vozdukhoplavaniya S.S. Shchetinin after its principal founder, was established in St. Petersburg. A collaborator in the enterprise was another pioneer, the designer Y. M. Hakkel, and about 1912-1913 the company was joined by the laterrenowned D. P. Grigorovich. First built Farman and Bleriottype aircraft, but after Grigorovich joined began to specialize in marine aircraft. First was the M-1 flying-boat of 1913, generally of Donnet-Leveque type. M-5 of 1915 was a trainer and reconnaissance type built for the Imperial Navy. About 500 examples of the larger and higher-powered M- 9 of 1915-1916 were built. Later construction included the M-11 single-seat fighter flying-boat; and the larger M-15 and M-20 reconnaissance aircraft.

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