Name was that of F. W. Siebel (1891-1954), associated with early sport-flying in Germany and who helped form the Klemm company, for which he took charge of new works at Halle (Saale). In 1937 Siebel established own company as Flugzeugwerke Halle GmbH (q.v.), later renamed as above. First aircraft was Fh 104 5-passenger monoplane of 1937. Si 201 was experimental military reconnaissance aircraft; Si 202 Hummel of 1938 a sideby- side 2-seater. In Second World War Siebel contributed to production of standard German military types; also built own Si 204 communications aircraft, though this was mainly built by SNCAC in France. After war produced Si 222 Super-Hummel and 3-seat Si 308. As member of Nordflug group helped with Noratlas.

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