In 1938, at Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire, Slingsby Sailplanes Ltd built Kirby Kitten single-seat monoplane, designed by F. N. Slingsby. Chiefly famous for gliders, Motor Tutor of 1948 was Slingsby Tutor glider with engine and landing gear. Slingsby/Osboume Twin Cadet of 1969 had two small engines outboard. Other conversions made, but Type 61 Falke was basically German Scheibe. Also built replicas of Sopwith Camel, Rumpler, etc. Name changed, and in 1969 Slingsby Aircraft Company Ltd. was acquired by Vickers Ltd, resuming construction of gliders. Current Slingsby Aviation Ltd. is member of ML Holdings Plc group and offers professional pilot training and subcontract component building, in addition to sales of the T67 Firefly side-by-side two-seat civil/military piston-engined trainer and private aerobatic-capable lightplane (first flown May 1981, as license-built Fournier RF6B).

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