Formed November 1936. Incorporated elements of
Sud-Ouest SO 4050 ''Vautour''
SO 4050 "Vautour"
Marcel Bloch, Liore et Olivier, Bleriot and SASO. A prime responsibility was development and production of Bloch types, especially single-seat fighters derived from MB.150 of 1936. Redesign facilitated production
Sud-Ouest SO 6021 Espadon
SO 6021 Espadon
and improved performance, resulting in MB.151 and 152. By June 1940 production totaled about 600, involving five plants. MB.175 twin-engined bomber was in production and was revived after
Sud-Ouest SO 9000 Trident
SO 9000 Trident
Second World War as torpedo aircraft. Several other prototypes built, including four-engined bomber. In 1941 company was merged into SNCAO. In 1942 completed forerunner of Bretagne twin-engined transport, though
Sud-Ouest SO.1221 ''Jinn''
Sud-Ouest SO.1221 "Jinn"
not flown until 1945; then used commercially and experimentally. Numerous and varied post-Second World War types included distinctly unusual forms of rotary-wing aircraft. Aeriel (1948) and Djinn (1953)
Sud-Ouest SO.1310 ''Farfadet''
Sud-Ouest SO.1310 "Farfadet"
with tip jets, and Farfadet convertiplane (1953). The eminently successful Vautour multipurpose twin-jet flew 1952, and was much developed thereafter. High-speed research types were swept-wing Espadon and, of special technical interest, straight-wing mixed-power Trident, first flown 1953 (well before formation of Ouest-Aviation in 1957).

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