In 1926 the Stinson Aeroplane Syndicate, West Detroit, Michigan, founded by E. A. Stinson, made Detroiter fourpassenger biplane designed jointly by Stinson and F. Verville. Name Detroiter was confusingly retained for later monoplanes. Three Detroiter biplanes acquired in 1926 by Northwest Airways Inc, at which time manufacturing company renamed Stinson Airplane Corporation. Detroiters of several forms used widely by commercial and private operators; e.g. flew first regular airmail service in China. Detroiter monoplanes much developed, though general type was claimed as first U.S. aircraft with soundproofed and heated cabin, engine starter and wheelbrakes. Detroiter Junior of 1928 was scaled-down version for private and executive work. Detroiters established several records, including 174 hr airborne, July 1929. About 1933 new tapered wing form adopted for Reliant single-engined series, which succeeded Detroiter line. Reliant series was especially successful and built in great quantities, 500 being transferred to Royal Navy under Lend-Lease. Voyager was later two-seat high-wing monoplane. Sentinel liaison type very widely used under Vultee name, the Stinson company having undergone several corporate and nominal changes to become a Vultee division in 1940.

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