In 1919 W. B. Stout (former aeronautical writer and engineer) formed Stout Engineering Laboratories Inc. at Detroit, Michigan. Built Batwing cantilever monoplane, hoping for U.S. Navy and civil orders. In 1920/1922 built and flew large twin-engined coast-defense torpedo-carrier monoplane for Navy. In 1922 established Stout Metal Airplane Company with himself as chief designer and Edsel Ford as a director. Specialized in metal construction. Seven-passenger Stout Air Pullman of 1924 had corrugated metal skin. In August 1925 the company was bought by Henry Ford and joint publicity was gained when Stout Mail Plane marked "Ford" operated on Detroit-Cleveland route. AT- 4 of 1926 established famous Tri-Motor line, associated with name Ford. In 1931 Stout Engineering Laboratories exhibited Sky Car two-seat monoplane at Detroit.

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