Successor to Taylor Aircraft Company Inc formed 1936 at Alliance, Ohio by C. G. Taylor as the Taylorcraft Aviation Company. Renamed Taylor-Young Airplane Company later that year, and Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation in 1940. Main pre-war lightplanes were Models B, C and D, of which C and D formed basis for formation of Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Ltd . During Second World War built over 1,900 similar L-2 Grasshoppers for USAAF, TG-6 training gliders based on L-2, and components for Consolidated PBY, Curtiss C-46 and Douglas A-26. Built some 2,800 Model B-12Bs in 1945-1946; went bankrupt in 1946, but then re-formed in 1947 as Taylorcraft Inc, producing models BC-12D, Ace, Traveler, Topper, Ranch, Wagon, Tourist, Sportsman and Special de Luxe. The factory moved to Pittsburgh in 1954 but then ceased manufacture four years later. It was re-formed again in April 1968 as Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation, and from 1973 resumed production of an updated two-seat Sportsman 100. Company ceased trading 1986, and in 1989 was purchased by Aircraft Acquisition Corporation, developed a series of two/three-seat lightplanes under the F22 designation. From 1992 operated independently of AAC and took name of Taylorcraft Aircraft.

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