Title from about 1950 of Texas Engineering & Manufacturing Company Inc. Three TE-1 A Buckaroo primary trainers (development of Globe Swift) evaluated by USAF 1951, leading in 1953 to civil Model 33 Plebe (no production) and military Model TE-1 B. Temco also converted Navions to Twin Navions and Boeing C-97s into ambulance aircraft. Absorbed Luscombe in 1953, and in December that year acquired Riley Twin Navion program. Major subcontractor in 1950s for Bell, Boeing, Convair, Douglas, Lockheed, Martin, and McDonnell military aircraft. Last own product was TT-1 Pinto two-seat jet primary trainer, flown March 1956. The company became Temco Electronics about 1960, and reappeared in the aviation industry as part of Ling-Temco-Vought.

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