Established at McCook Field, Ohio, the US Army Engineering Division was concerned with the design, development and manufacture of aircraft for the US Army. These included the FVL-8 and BVL-12, biplane fighter and bomber respectively, designed by Italian Ottorino Pomilio; USD-9 version of the British Airco D.H.9; XB-1 version of the Bristol F.2B Fighter; M-1 and MAT communications aircraft designed by Alfred Verviiie and built by the Sperry Aircraft Company; three R-3 low-wing monoplane racing aircraft by the same Verville/Sperry combination; VCP-1 (Verville-Clark Pursuit) of 1918; NBL-1 'Barling' bomber designed by Briton Walter Barling and built by Witteman- Lewis Aircraft Corporation; and GA-1, or G.A.X. (Ground Attack Experimental), built by the Boeing Company. With establishment of the USAAC in 1926, the Engineering Division was replaced at McCook Field by the Materiel Division.

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