Known formerly as Airover Company, formed at Burbank, California, as associated company of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in 1937. Began research/development experiments with light aircraft, devising (with Menasco) a unit called Unitwin; two small engines coupled side-byside to drive single propeller flight-tested in Lockheed Altair in 1938. Then designed five/six-seat Starliner twin-tailed low-wing cabin monoplane using similar powerplant. Small batch of radio-controlled targets built in 1939. Factory expanded 1940, and mid-year received contract to build large numbers of Lockheed Ventura bombers for RAF. Then, in conjunction with Boeing and Douglas, mass-produced Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers; became wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed in 1941 as Vega Aircraft Corporation.

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