Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd took over in October 1938 the former Vickers (Aviation) Ltd and Supermarine Aviation Works (Vickers) Ltd.; each, however, retained the separate identity of its products, the latter becoming Vickers- Armstrongs Ltd. (Supermarine Division). Vickers' main concern up to and during Second World War was production of Wellington bomber and Avro Lancaster; Wellington replaced at end of war and early postwar by its non-geodetic successor, the Warwick. In August 1946 came first flight of VC1 Viking, first postwar British transport to enter airline service. Subsequent products included four-jet Valiant (first British V-bomber); world's first turboprop airliner to enter production/service, the Viscount; and in 1959 the four-turboprop Vanguard airliner.

New subsidiary entitled Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd created from January 1,1955 to continue all Vickers and Supermarine work under one management. In 1960 Vickers merged with Bristol Aeroplane Company and English Electric Company to form British Aircraft Corporation.

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